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Chapter Officers

Cassidy Lamb


Hi everyone! I’m Cassidy Lamb and I have the privilege to serve as the President of Kappa and to meet all of you guys! Every time I walk into the Kappa house I feel so at home and loved by everyone! Even on my bad days Kappa is there for me! I’m so thankful for the many memories and opportunities Kappa has given me! The best decision I made in my college experience was going Kappa! I’m so excited for you all to meet the amazing women Kappa has! So much love for the delta psi chapter!!!

Caroline Tipton

Vice President of Standards

Hey y’all! My name is Caroline Tipton and I’m from Dallas, Texas. Something I love about Kappa is that each and every friendship within this organization has changed me for the better. I couldn’t imagine having any other group of women by my side to support me through all of the challenges that college brings. I currently serve as Vice President of Standards. This position has been nothing short of a blessing, and I am eager to add a new pledge class to our fam!!!

Heather Jones

Vice President of Organization

Hey y’all! I’m Heather and I’m from Frisco, TX! I’ve been honored to be selected as Kappa’s Vice President of Organization. I couldn’t have ever imagined the group of amazing women that I would find in the members of Kappa Kappa Gamma when I went through recruitment my freshman year. Let me just tell you, these girls are something special. Within the walls of Kappa Kappa Gamma, I have been pushed to be my best self, always supported, and so loved. I will forever be honored to wear blue on blue! I am so excited that the time is almost here to meet y’all in the fall!!

Emily Anderson

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Hi, I am Emily from Dallas, Texas! I am currently a senior studying Finance at the Rawls College of Business and am so excited to serve Kappa as Vice President of Academic Excellence. As VPAE, I keep up with the chapter and member GPA, academic progress plan, and helpful school resources. I could not be more excited to help Kappa and be a resource for anyone within the chapter. Since I am an only child, these are truly the sisters I never had! Everyone within Kappa has made college the best experience and I look forward to making even more memories!

Annie Chuoke


Hello! My name is Annie Chuoke and I am from Texas City, Texas. I currently serve as the Chapter Secretary. Being a member of Kappa has given me a lifelong sisterhood, forever friends, and countless memories. I am so honored to be a part of a wonderful organization made up of extraordinary women and rooted in core values. Kappa is a true and will always hold a special place in my heart!!

Ginger Lanman


Hi guys!! I’m Ginger Lanman & I’m from Abilene, TX! I’m super excited to be serving as the Chapter Treasurer for KKG! This chapter truly is everything & more. Kappa holds such a special place in my heart and it’s because of the genuine women that make up Delta Psi. It’s such a special feeling to find people that feel like home! As soon as I walked through the doors I knew that this is where I’m supposed to be. Having the opportunity to be on Chapter Council has been so rewarding and I’m so excited for this coming semester!

Savannah Gustafson


Hiiii y’all! I’m Savannah Gustafson! I’m was born and raised right here in Lubbock, TX and I currently hold the Marshal position in Kappa Kappa Gamma! I could not be more grateful to serve this chapter and the amazing individuals that make up our membership. Kappa is full of girls that support each other and exude authenticity. In the past 3 years I have found my place and people in Kappa and you can too! This is such a special sisterhood to be a part of and I’m excited to serve on council in my final year with this chapter. PC ‘21 we could not be more excited to meet y’all! KKG is the place to be!


Sara Regian

Hi everyone my name is Sara and I am from Rockwall, Tx! I have had the amazing opportunity of giving back to Kappa Kappa Gamma as the Education Chairman. Being from the Dallas area, I knew I wanted to be apart of something where I can make an impact. This chapter has taught me what its like to be apart of something bigger than myself, but also remain relevant. The love our members share is so memorable and I can’t wait for PC 20 to experience it!! Go Kappa!!!

Emily Ray


Hi!!! I am Emily Ray, I’m from Midland, TX and currently serve as our events chair! Kappa has been such a big part of my life throughout college and will always hold a near and dear place in my heart! The girls in this chapter are loving, ambitious, funny, genuine and overall one of the coolest group of girls I’ve ever met! So excited for what this year holds, go kappa!

Allie Nelson


Hi everyone! My name is Allie Nelson and I’m from Flower Mound, Texas. I currently serve as the Kappa House Chair. Kappa Kappa Gamma holds a very special place in my heart, and there is truly no other place I would rather be. The friends I’ve made through Kappa are some of the best people I’ve ever met, the ones who will be there with me through thick and thin, and are constantly making by me a better person each day. Kappa has helped shaped me, strengthen me, and continues to teach me how to be my best self. I couldn’t be more grateful for the home I have here, and the new opportunities this sorority has to offer every day. Having the honor to serve on chapter council for the second year in a row has been such a blessing. I love Kappa so so much and cannot wait to add more amazing girls to our chapter who will see why Kappa is such a special place to all of us!! KKG IS THE PLACE TO BE

Sydney Renfro


Hi my name is Sydney Renfro, and I am the membership chair for Kappa Kappa Gamma. I am honored to be able to show all of these women a glimpse into what it is like to be a kappa here at Tech. I have cherished the friendships I have created through this organization the last three years and can’t wait to be able to help these women with their decision for their next four years!

Abby Alexander

New Member Educator

Hey guys I’m Abby Alexander and I’m from Wall, Texas. I serve as the New Member Educator which means I get the privilege of guiding and supporting our new member class this fall! I love Kappa because of the real, genuine friendships that form here! Kappa fosters originality, compassion, grace, and honor. They took a girl that lacked confidence and made her into someone I’m so proud to be today! I’m so blessed to be able to serve on the Chapter Council alongside incredible women! We can’t wait to meet you PC 21!

Abby Kitzmiller

Panhellenic Delegate

Hi, I’m Abby Kitzmiller, I’m from The Woodlands, Texas and I am serving as the Panhellenic delegate for this year! I love kappa because everyone is so real and genuine. It’s such a loving group of people that always have your back. From the first day of recruitment to now, I have never had to “put on a face” to be loved here. Everyone is so comfortable being themselves! Love you kappa!

Kathryn Gage


Hi y’all, my name is Kathryn Gage! I grew up in a small town in Canada but now reside in Frisco, TX. I have been so blessed to serve as the Philanthropy chairman for Kappa this year, and this position has allowed me to connect with incredible people both in our chapter as well as in the Lubbock community. I remember walking into Kappa during recruitment and feeling a sense of home and comfort. Over these last three years that feeling has never left me! The women in this chapter have made my college experience indescribable and have shaped me into the woman I am today. PC ‘21, I’m so excited to meet you! Go Kappa!!

Kate Skaggs

Public Relations

Hey y’all!!! I’m Kate and I’m from Houston, Texas! I am so blessed to serve this chapter as PR this year! I could not be more grateful to call kappa my home! I came to tech not knowing hardly anyone, so I was so excited to meet many different types of girls in different houses! as the week went on I realized that it was the girls in kappa that I knew I wanted to do life with! I am surrounded by some truly amazing people who always lift me up and constantly bring joy into my life. I genuinely feel that kappa has made me a better person in every way possible. I have made SO many memories with these girls and cannot wait to make even more these next two years! So excited to meet PC’21 and bring more amazing girls home to this chapter! GO KAPPA!!!

Mabry Payne

Risk Managment

Hey everyone! My name is Mabry Payne, and I’m from right here in Lubbock, TX. I have had the opportunity to serve as the Risk Management chair for Kappa this year, and I have already learned so much from being in this position! Growing up in Lubbock, I knew I wanted to find a place at Tech where I could challenge myself, meet new faces, and grow as a person and friend. Kappa has given me the ability to do all these things, and I’m so grateful for the women in this chapter! They are encouraging, vibrant, unique, and joyful to be around. I can’t wait to see Delta Psi grow this year as we welcome PC ‘21! Go Kappa!