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Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Amber Caldwell


Hello! My name is Amber Caldwell and I am the current chapter president. I am from Richardson, Texas and have never been happier to go to school in a town like Lubbock. Tech has brought me a tremendous amount of opportunities and Kappa is at the TOP of that list :) I am so honored to hold this position, but really I am the lucky one to get to serve a chapter like Delta Psi <3

Alyssa Bernier

VP Standards

Hey, Y'all! My name is Alyssa Bernier and I am so excited to serve as VPS for Kappa. I am from Amarillo, TX and a Pre-Occupational Therapy major here at Texas Tech. I love Torchy’s Tacos and any place with queso. I love our chapter because we are all unique and spunky in our own ways. It makes things so fun!!! My job includes keeping up chapter morale, promoting sisterhood, and making sure each member of the chapter is upholding the bylaws and standing rules from Kappa headquarters. GO KAPPA & WRECK ‘EM FOREVER

Kara Lamb

VP Academic Excellence

Hi! My name is Kara Lamb! I am from Abilene, Texas and I am majoring in retail management here at Texas Tech. My favorite things to do are shop and hang out with my Kappa sisters. I am the Vice President of Academic Excellence for the Delta Psi chapter. Some of the things I do in this position are encourage the members by doing things like “Smarty Panties” and “Geek of the Week”. I also work with members that are struggling with school by helping them find resources within the chapter as well as the university.

Ashton Colquett

VP Organization

HELLO!!! I’m Ashton!! I am the Vice President of Organization of Kappa at Texas Tech, which means I make the master schedule and host alumni who visit Lubbock!! Some fun facts about me are that I am from LBK, lovvvve my dogs, work for Tech Athletics, and I am a triplet! As VPO, I oversee the coordination of chapter events and the creation of a well-balanced chapter master calendar. I am also responsible for planning leadership development and officer training. Lastly, I strive to promote chapter involvement by creating committees that support our officer positions and participate in monthly committee nights.

Lauren Barnard


Heyoo I’m Lauren, or you can call me LB because that’s what I’m known by around here. I’m from Flower Mound, Tx and am the current Marshal here (aka I deal with all the ritual stuff). I love being on the water, watching football and having a good time with my friends. Kappa is for sure my home away from home and I never knew I would love having so many sisters!

Mallory Hale

Recording Secretary

Hi, I’m Mallory! As Recording Secretary, it’s my job to take attendance at chapter and kappa functions, as well as record the details that go on in chapter. I am thrilled to be working alongside so many wonderful girls to help Kappa run smoothly. During my free time, I enjoy hanging with friends, watching Netflix, and running! Without Texas Tech Kappa I wouldn’t have found my best friends or such a great place to call my home away from home! Go Kappa !!!

Elizabeth Hart

Corresponding Secretary

Oh, hey there!! My name is Elizabeth Hart and I’m from Houston, Texas, so Kappa has really become my home away from home! As Corresponding Secretary, it is my job to reach out on behalf of the chapter and say thank you!- whether it’s to other Greek organizations, alumni, speakers, or guests, I get the privilege of representing the gratitude that this chapter has! On top of that, I also maintain positive external relations within the community and beyond. One thing (out of so many!!) that I love so much about Kappa is how genuine, authentic, and accepting our chapter is! Our sisterhood is something we all have in common that brings us all together as individuals of Kappa!

Annie Dodson


Hi, I’m Annie! As treasurer, I handle the chapter’s finances. This includes billing members, tracking expenses, and maintaining the budget. Throughout the year, I work to inform members where their dues are spent and continually look to improve the efficiency of our spending. I love being a part of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Texas Tech! It has given me so many friends, opportunities, and experiences.

Lillie Ware

Assistant Treasurer

Hi, I’m Lillie! I’m the Assistant Treasurer and I’m from San Antonio, TX. I love being a part of Kappa Kappa Gamma because it has given me so many friends, opportunities, and experiences. I can’t imagine Texas Tech without Kappa and all that it has brought me during college.

Andrea Parker


Hey Hey!!! My name is Andrea and I am the registrar for this year. This is a super fun position because I organize the composites and act as the chapter historian. A new and exciting thing I started is embarrassing birthday pictures each week at chapter. It is really awesome to celebrate birthdays with everyone because I’m a BIG lover of all birthdays. Anyways I am a HDFS major and love to hang out with my kappa friends whenever I am not studying. GO KAPPA :)

Kate Summers


Heyo!! My name is Kate Summers and I am the Education Chair for Kappa at Texas Tech. I’m in charge of things such as Senior Programming and Founder’s Day. A fun fact about me is that I love french fries and golden retrievers! I love being a Kappa because all of the girls are so fun and down to earth and I’ve met my best friends here. I am so proud to call myself a Kappa; thanks for reading and WRECK ‘EM!

Nicole Kiszkiel


Being a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma has brought me so much laughter and memories in the past 3 years, I am constantly overjoyed by the encouragement and happiness from this chapter! As Philanthropy Chair, I get the opportunity to organize events to read with kiddos and raise money for Children’s Miracle Network here in Lubbock! A few things I love are coffee, traveling, and playing Wii Just Dance – Go Kappa and Wreck ‘Em!!!!

Sydney Coleman


Hello!! My name is Sydney Coleman and I am from good ole Lubbock, Texas. I am currently a sophomore at Tech earning my degree in Marketing. My position on Chapter Council is membership chair, which means I will be in charge of recruitment this upcoming year! I am absolutely thrilled to serve in this position and cannot wait to meet our new member class of 2018! Kappa is such a special place and I know our whole chapter can’t wait to make the girls coming through recruitment feel nothing but loved!

Meghan Homen

New Member

Hi, my name is Meghan and I serve as the New Member chair for Kappa! In this position, I am responsible for planning bid day, new member retreat, and new member meetings. I absolutely love spending time with the new members because they are the future of kappa and they are so stinking cute!!!! I am majoring in HDFS and I have hopes to attend medical school after graduation! Kappa has not only made a big college feel like home, but it has helped me find my truest friends. Go Kappa!

Caroline Yarbrough

Public Relations

Hi everyone!! My name is Caroline Yarbrough and I am from Dallas! As Public Relations Chair, I am in charge of posting on all of our chapter’s social media sites! I fell in love with Kappa as soon as I walked through the doors of our lodge and since becoming a Kappa, I have made forever friends and created so many amazing memories. It is so important to me that all of you can see how fun and great our chapter is just by looking at our cute n fun pics!! Much love and WRECK ‘EM!!!

Hanna Henley


Hello!! I’m Hanna Henley and I am the Events Chair for Kappa at Texas Tech. I am in charge of all the fun stuff that kappa does. I get to plan formals, date parties, mom’s weekend, dad’s weekend, and anything else like that. It is such a fun job, and I love getting to see events come together.

Madelyn Shank

Risk Management

HELLO!! I am from Sherman, Tx and I am an Animal Science major. Just a little about me, I work at a vet clinic and love animals! That’s all I do (plus school & kappa of course). Joining Kappa has changed me for the better because I have met so many great gals & earned a position on chapter council. In my position, I take care of the chapters safety while providing security and transportation at social events. (What gets much better than that!!) Having this leadership opportunity has given me the courage/strength to get through a lot I would have never imagined.

Katie Pfluger


Hello!! My name is Katie Pfluger and I am from Austin, Texas! I am currently the House Chair for Kappa! I have made so many incredible friends since joining our chapter and created unforgettable memories! As House Chair, it is my job to look over our new and beautiful lodge. I hope y’all feel at home in our new house!!!

Julia Shannon

Panhellenic Delegate

Hi, I’m Julia Shannon! I am from San Antonio and I am majoring in Business Marketing here at Texas Tech. As Senior Panhellenic Delegate, I represent Kappa at our campus Panhellenic meetings, help host events for Panhellenic Pride Week in the spring, and get Kappa ready for all of the super fun Homecoming events, like So-Sing. It is so cool being able to work with women from all of the sororities here at Tech, and being a part of finding new ways to benefit the Greek Community as a whole.

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