Delta Psi Chapter

Texas Tech University


My name is Katie Wash and I am the 2020 President of Kappa Kappa Gamma. When I first stepped foot into the Kappa House in 2017, I remember having that overwhelming feeling that I was home. Because when you think of home, you think of belonging, familiarity, comfort, family, and many other things. The way Kappa made me feel on the FIRST day, was all of these things. It felt as if I had belonged here all along. All my life I always felt as if I had to fit a mold, but Kappa has shown me that everyone has their own mold to fit and it is what you create on your own. HOW COMFORTING!! All they wanted from me, was me exactly how I came. Now, it is so much more than just belonging. These women in the chapter have encouraged me to grow from a timid girl to a bold woman. They have given me the tools to blossom into who I always wanted to be, and that is a friend, leader, and shoulder to lean on. I wouldn’t have been able to fill these shoes without the Kappa women before me. 

Kappa is a place where diversity and originality is so important. It is much more than a lodge, weekly meetings, and events. It is a place where you come as you are and leave better than you were. A home where you find your bridesmaids, lifetime friendships, and a family that will never waver. A place where we love you in sweatpants and a messy bun, just as much as we love you dolled up for a formal. An environment where when you can’t keep on moving through the struggles of life, we will carry you until you walk again yourself. A rock when you don’t want it, because that is when you need it the most. Kappa is a place based on character, values, and trust. A love and understanding that never fades.

Kappa is flooded with scholarly women, drive to be involved on campus, and the desire to leave things better than we found it. The women of this chapter are a big part of who I am, because they have encouraged me to chase my dreams. When things get hard, they are the first to reach out a helping hand. Not because they have to, but because they choose to as my sister and companion. I have learned, and am still learning, how to best exemplify Kappa in all my actions and with all of our members. Kappa is brave and inspiring. Kappa is a support system and a backbone. Kappa is scholarship and leadership. Kappa is not something you become, but it is something you have always been. Kappa welcomes you with open arms!

We are so excited to meet those coming through Fall Recruitment!

Strive for growth and always be 100% yourself!


Katie Wash